Tuesday, March 31, 2009

student response system

The student Response System or "Clickers" as they are known are supposed to be a time saving device. These are devices not unlike calculator versions of the "Buzz" game clickers ("Buzz" is a quiz show video game). However they are not at all easy to figure out. The other teacher on my team, that is also on the 21st Century program, loves them. However I have been struggling with them. I have found they are not intuitive. For now I will not be using them much. As I have been teaching I have found that time is always an issue (not enough of it).  Unfortunately the technology takes more time to use than it saves.  I will try to use them again with the other teacher. We are planning on getting the classes together for a math "quiz show". With the other teacher's positive attitude and "know-how" this should help me.

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